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Zbigniew Herbert was born 29th October in year 1924. He was one of the most important polish poets in XX xentury. He was born in Lwów,
but his family was orginally from England. His great-grandfather coudn't speak polish, he worked as a english teacher. Zbigniew's father
was a lawyer and a director of one of banks in Lwów.
Zbigniew Herbert was in AK, in 1942 he finished officer cadet school, while secretly taking part in complets. He studied polish philology.
In 1944 he came to Kraków, where he studied on the Academy of Arts, faculty of law in Jagielloński University and Faculty of law and philosophy in Mikołaj Kopernik University in Toruń. In 1950 he moved to Warsaw.
He made his debut in "Dziś i Jutro" in 1950. He printed his poems under a pseudonym "Patryk" and "Stefan Martha". In 1956 he realeased his firts poems in form of a book, whicj was named "Struna Światła".
Zbigniew Herbert died 18th July in year 1998, In Warsaw.. In the day of his funeral, president Aleksander Kwaśniewski wanted to give him the Order of the White Eagle, but Zbigniew's wife declined to recieve the order.

Nie wiem, czy o to dokładnie chodziło i jakby był jakies wątpliwości co do czegokolwiek, napisz na PW, a postaram się poprawić.
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