Ułóż zdania ;;1. came/zuza/first/in/competition/the runinig . 2. jump/jumped/the long/very/well/in Greg/competition. 3. Julian/stan/the football/played/in/match/and/. 4.stan/his/Australia/invited/friend/from. jenny/him/smiled/at.



1. Zuza came firts in the running competition
2. Greg jumped very well in the long jump competition
3. Julian and Stan played match in football
4. Stan invited his friend from Australia
5. jenny smiled at him
1.Zuza came the running first in competition
2.the long very well jump jumped in greg competition
3,julian played in football and stan in match
4.his friend invited stan from australia.Jenny at smiled him
1. Zuza came first in the running competition.
2. Greg jumped very well in the long jump copetition.
3. Julian played and stand in the foodball match.
4. His stan friend ivated from Australia. Jenny smiled at him.