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1. I go up before 7 o'clock.
2. I has a shower.
3. I didin't buy a magazine.
4. I ate meat.
5. I didn't go to bed before 10.30.

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1. I got up before 7 o'clock,
2. I had a shower.
3. I bought a magazine.
5. I ate meat.
6. I went to bed before 10.30.
1. I like saturday as I naver get up before 7o'clock(positive) but from monday to friday I must get up before 7 o'clock as I have to go to school.
2. I always have a shower before i go to school (positive) . During my last vacation we had a problem with shower all the time(nagative)
3. I love monday as I can to buy my weekly music magazine(positive). Last monday I was to late and my favoritue magazine was already sold.(negative)
4. I like eat fresh meat as it heathly(positive). I never eat meat from small dirty fastfood store (negative)
5. I like weekend as I never go to bed before 10.30 pm(positive) I don't like sunday as my mom ask me go to bed before 10.30 pm.