Answer the questions with because.
1.Why is it dark for six months of the year at the pole?
2.Why aren't there usually any plants in deserts?
3.Why are there trees in oases?
4.Why are there big plants in rainforests?
5.Why are Pitohuis strange?
Proszę zrobić to solidnie i poprawnie. A odpowiedzi trzeba samemu znaleźć. Proszę jak najszybciej.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Because there is a polar night.
2. Because climat is too dry.
3. Because there is some water.
4. Because there are good conditions for big plants.
5. Because the skin and feathers of some pitohuis, especially the Variable and Hooded Pitohuis, contain powerful neurotoxic alkaloids of the batrachotoxin group.
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