Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Once upon a time, I and my friend Ambroży went for a walk. Down by the river, near my home where we used to sit and talk quite often. That night was terribly cold, misty and gloomy.

Drugi akapit to opis calej sytuacji, czyli co sie stalo i dlaczego. Najpierw spokojnie buduj napięcie po czym nagle moment kulminacyjny, mrozacy krew w zylach.

Walking around we did not realize what was just to happen. Suddenly, we became very cold as the wind was blowing and we didn't have warm clothes. We decided to go back home but after a few minutes it turned out we were lost. We had no idea where to go...We were extremely terrified. All of a sudden, we heard a strange noise which sounded like screaming for help. We went towards it and saw something which I'll never forget. There was a woman with red eyes and a broom with her hand. Having noticed us, she gave us a strange look and screamed "Are you lost? You'd better go home or I'll burn yoy!" We couldn't say a word, turned back and started running away... Then I stumbled and... woke up in my bed..

I koncowka juz mniej ekscytujaca, w krorej zawrzesz swoje odczucia i 'podsumujesz'.

Fortunately, I was only a dream. But, It seemed so realistic that now I'am afraid of going out. I think I should watch less horror movies :)
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