Opisz 6 rzeczy po angielsku (można wybrać) : bike lanes, crime, exhibitions, graffiti, internet cafes, litter, multi-screen cinemas, nightlife, pedestrian areas, rock concerts, shopping malls, skateboard and bike parks, sporting and cultural events, street theatres, traffic pollution, vandalsim, youth clubs.
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Ulica-miejsce po którym chodzą ludzie na codzien. -i tak 6 razy i po angielsku (wybierać z tej listy!) :P



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Crime - this activity does the murderer
rock concerts - big parties with rock musicians on the scene
exhibitions - place, where we can see different pictures and sculptures
grafitti - kind of painting, but on the wall on the street
litter - something we throw away, becouse it's useless
street theatres - kind of street show, which everyone can see
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Bike lane- vehicle you can ride on street or lanes,it has 2 circles...

rock concerts- events where you can go with your friend, see your favourite rock band, dance and listen music

litter- when you have a lot of thing on your for example desk, sometimes its just papers and rubbishs

crime - you can commited a crime for example you can stole something

internet cafes- place where you can use a computer and surf the Internet

graffiti- drawing on blocks, streets. Put on it by the spray
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