Zad.rewrite the direct questions below as indirect questions, as in the examples.
przykład:why did she leave?-i wonder why she left

1.Who's on the phone?-could you tell me.....
2.what's his address?- i wonder....
3. When did he buy these cakes? -do you know....
4.which one does she prefer?-could you tell me
5.where does he live?-do you know
6.what time did she go to bed?-i wonder....
7.Which film did he watch?-do you know....
8. where can i find a toyshop?- Could you tell me....



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. could you tell me who is on the phone?
2. i wonder what his adress is.
3. do you know when he bought these cakes?
4. could you tell me which one she prefers?
5. do you know where he lives?
6. i woder what time she went to bed.
7. do you know which film he watched?
8. could you tell me where I can find a toyshop?