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Kangaroo from family enormous < giant > ( ) – big Macropus giganteus marsupial Thylogale brunii, continent australian endemit, one of most popular kangaroo, with grey kangaroo often been mistaken (misled), for skins tackle and by aborigines meat already. The first time, by europeans in (to) 1770 seen -. Beside russet kangaroo and it belongs to biggest among modern grey living marsupial.Coverage of occurrence of enormous kangaroo is limited for australian continent and tasmania to composition of (warehouse of) state (condition) islands entering. It is possible to meet him (it) on continent eastern (eastern) coasts endwise – Queensland, york except western peninsula part < frequent >, new midday (southern) wales, victoria and on areas of midday (southern) australia not numerous. Typical habitation of enormous kangaroo it opened fields lesiste and trawiaste, with relatively big rainfalls, but it is met in the area of semi-desert more frequently [ 1 ], where it has been pushed on result of development of (evolution of) economy of person. 2 [ ]
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