Two teams to baseball from which (who) on conversions each team play grant role part attacking ( whip (whipping) ) at, conquest of point is task which (who), and teams prevent from it defending ( team ) fielding. At first sportsman reflects ball thrown (darted) from team by putter stick attacking, then stick throws and it runs for closest base, in order to include . If it runs for next it (him) imitate (manage) etc., run will complete. Sportsman tests (try) to tackle ball reflected in this time from opposite team by ( so called ) running player łapacz. When it will perform it, sportsman must stop in closest base running. Team wins, which (who) will have after 9 rounds points more. Sportsman of team earns point attacking when all will include 4 base ( 1 base, 2 base, 3 base and 4 base called house ).

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