Hi man! Even you don't know how I had a good time on last Saturday! There was a party, play like no other. it is a pity that it failed for you to fall, outstanding zabawa.No passed you over but of parents oneself however I am sending not wybiera.My that at one time we will repeat it and you will be together with us. And so after behind it that's certain girls asked about your telephone number. ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Ania! What is it you? For me everything in the best order. In last Saturday I went with her parents to the pool. There were extremely large swimming pools and a huge zjeżdżalnia.A last Sunday after church we went to grandma's house. In total, there is nothing I did just talked to my grandmother about the school. I greet you cordially. Greet Paul. Long time not seen him. I hope to see you soon to see.