Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nowodays most people live in the huge towns. We used to provide big-city lifestyle. People who live in the town think that is a perfect place to live. Usually we leave our towns only when we go for holidays. But there are people, who live in a country and they are pleased that they don\'t live in a town.

On the one hand life in the country may be very good. In the country is fresh air and there isn\'t any big pollution, which is in the town. Besides in the country is very quiet and we could admire a wild nature. Furthermore we can\'t forget that we live in 21st century and countrymen have just the same modern conveniences as inhabitants of the city.

On the other hand life in the country has bad sides. In the country the roads are worse as in the town and inhabitants of the country have far to town, where are most intitutions. Moreover people who want to live in the country must know that they will have lots of hard work. And that work is very important, because they produce food for everyone.

All in all, life in the country may arouse mixed feelings, but there are still people eager to live there. There is only hope that country will develop and inhabitants of it will not live in worse conditions then townsmen.