Napisz email do przyjaciela odpowiadając na nastepujące pytania:
1.What country are you writing from.?
2.What do you think of the country.?
3.Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days.?
4.Have you enojoyed the experience.?
5.Where are you staying tonight.?
6.Where and how are you travelling in the future.?
(dane nie muszą być prawdziwe)
Z góry dzieki^^



I'm writing from Poland. I think that it is great country, with fantastic history. I don't complain about Poland.
Yesterday I spent with my two friends, because that was Sunday. I like more Saturday, because on Sunday I must learn to school and I think about it. Despite this, I was happy yesterday. We were in the centre of my city.
Today I'm at my home, because that is the middle of a week and I haven't got free time. After it, I go to next lessons of german.
In the future I want to travel to England. There live many famous people and I think that is great place.
And how about you? Write soon.