Compare the things. Write two sentences for each.
przykład do pierwszego: Summer is hotter than winter.
Winter is more beautiful than summer.
1 two seasons
2 two kinds of food
3 two school subjects
4 two people
5 two rooms in your house

prosze o odpowiedź daje wszystkie punkty które do tej pory zebrałem



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Autumn is uglier than Spring.
2. Spaghetti is tastier than pizza.
3. PE is more interesting than Mathematics.
4. Lucy is taller than Tom.
5. My bedroom is bigger than my sister's bedroom.

Proszę ;)
4 3 4
2.potato is more colorus than mushroom
3.english is easier than maths
4.tom is taller than carol room is smaller than the living room
3 1 3