For several years we have Rafi. It is a medium dog breed unspecified. Some say that this hybrid but I prefer to call him an animal wielorasowym. There is something with the Alsatian and huskiego. It is gray-brown-black, his semi-long hair nicely błyszczy.Ma beautiful wise eyes which can tell almost everything. I know when you ask for something when it is happy or sad. Rafi sometimes even crying. With eyes the tears flow when he is sadly missed from główką.Dzieje is mainly when you do not want to give him his favorite słodyczy.Wygląda tearful as seven Misfortunes. Unfortunately, my dog is incredibly greedy and basically likes everything, even pickled cucumbers and seeds from cherries
Guinea pig originates from South America, initially appeared in areas of Peru, Brazil and Paraguay. Has been domesticated by the Incas and widespread in a large part of South America. Came to Europe with the first explorers and became often bred pet. In South America, guinea pig meat is a delicacy, roasted guinea pigs are served in restaurants.
Guinea pig, once a popular laboratory animal used in scientific research, now is being replaced by mice and rats, which multiply rapidly.