My hobby is music. I listen to music all the time when I am at home, except when I am in the living room and the television is on. Most of all I like pop music and such pop singers as Prince, Tina Turner and groups such as Dire Straits, The Rolling Stones. I often watch MTV music programmes and I'm especially keen on concerts with groups or singers. Every group has at least one good song so I also like to listen to the top ten of the hit lists. I also like to play the guitar and sing. My voice is not very beautiful but I like singing. It is hard for me to imagine life without music. I think that most young people are interested in music, some of them in rock, some in rap or heavy metal. But they all are sensitive to music even if they do not play any instrument. My hobby is not very original but is very typical of my generation.
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One of teenagers' hobby may be dance. I know many people who love dancing. The most popular teenagers' dance are jazz and hip hop. Teenagers can by dance express their emotions. Another hobby can be snowboarding. Many people tkink ski to lazy sport ans they trying to find more extreme but also safe sprot. Another hobby may be swimming, riding bicycle or simply running. I know also people who love drawing. They can make for hours paints and I know some who love reading. My hobby is listening to music - i like it - it relax me...
myślę, że oki, ale jeszcze sprawdź:-)
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Teenagers have got a lot of hobbies. For example girls in my age like dancing, going to the discos, and having fun. Boys prefer playing football, computer games, and so on. All tenagers enjoy listening music. We like rap, hip-hop, pop, techno. A lot of people in my age like pets. They feed and take care about them. We also love watching films: comedies, romances, horror films. Small group of people are reading books and learning. Only few person like school and lessons.
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