Czy są tu jakieś błędy? Jeśli tak to jakie?

I live with parents and the brother. My dream house is located in California in the USA. Is great. Painted white, with the red roof. Upstairs is one bathroom, three bedrooms, and the room with billards. Downstairs is kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and a room with a TV. A bed, a computer, a TV, a armchair, a chair, wardrobes and desks are in my room. At the back is a big garden with trees. There's a swimming pool and the garage with the two cars, a moror and scooter. At the front is flowers and big tree.



Wystarczy ze usuniesz slowo billards bo to jest bezsensu...
(Na górze jest łazienka, trzy sypialnie i pokój bilard) tak to wyglada
Napisał three bedrooms and the room with billards. A więc 3 sypialnie i pokój z bilardem. With.
Jest dobrze zrobione oprócz tego billards usuń to i bedzie dobrze