Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
... I swimming in the swimmingpool in big hotel. Today I going to museum.I really like it here becouse the people are freundly. We driving around the country and we are stopping in diffrent places...
Tonight i go to the cinema and standing in hotel.
At the moment i sitting in a internet cafe and i writing this email.
Now my mum`s buying the lane tickets.
Tommorow i going to a mountains. I skiing down the mountain.
I hope you`re well, Kasia. I`ll write again soon.

łaaaaaał napisałam się
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I like here everything! It is fantastic. Can You belive that? I`m going with my parents to the ZOO tomorrow. I`m swimming, reading, writting, singing! I can do everything. My sister is sitting opposite my now and she is playing the computer games. She isn`t going with us tommorow, she is going to the swimmigpoll. I love this place. I have all what I need, but I miss You. I`m going to eating dinner.
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