Napisz list z podziękowaniem po angielsku. napisz w nim : podziękuj, powiedz o jaki prezent chodzi napisz coś o tym prezencie.

okazja na jaką dostałaś co jeszcze dostałaś


potrzebne na już szybko piszcie dzięki



Hello Ann.
Thank you for your gift to me who donate. New curtain looks great in my room. Fit my furniture and have an appropriate length. I am very fit. It's one of my best gifts.
Apart from them I got a blender, set of china, vases, etc.. Your gift, however, I do not like the most!
At the beginning I had no idea what idea interesting again. When all the guests already gone and I started unpacked gifts turned out to be something from you soft and big. I opened the anxiously. At the beginning I noticed the color and I immediately liked. After the distribution of this cloth I noticed that's great to match the furniture in my room. On the package was written expressly with this are the curtain. Without hesitation, put back all of the case and ran off the old curtain.
Now my room looks already nakomicie. Once again, thank you for it to come to me and for the gift. We cordially invite you to tea. Regards.

Mam nadzieje ze chociaz cie nakieruje ;)
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