Pasta with delicious sauce

? 50 dag of pasta
? 50 dag of mince meat
? 1 can of tomato pomance
? 1 big onion
? 3 spoons of olive oil
? 2 spoons of flour
? Cayenne
? Pepper
? Salt
? Herbs
? Green parsley
To give meat good taste use cayenne, pepper and salt. Put small pieces of mince meat on hot oil and fry it for some time. Next cut onion and add it to meat. When onion gets red color, add tomato and 1 ? glass of cold water. Whole cook for 15 minutes.
Mix flour with ? glass cold water and put it to boiling meal. After some time add green parsley and herbs. Flavor sauce as you want.
Boil a pasta, put it on plates and use hot sauce to top.
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Pizza with fresh anchovies

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Written by: Kinga

Ingredients for cake:
• 15 g of fresh yeast or 1 bag of dried yeast (7g)
• 150 ml of warm water
• 300 g flour
• 1 teaspoon salt

• 350 g anchovy
• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 3 cloves garlic
• salt
• pepper

Prepare the dough:
Yeast pour half of hot water, stir thoroughly and allow to stand for 10 minutes to rise.
Then mix the flour with salt and add the yeast and the rest of the water.
Thoroughly to form a whole that formed a smooth, elastic dough with which to form a ball.
Ball at the pin out a thin cake, which is covered with a cloth and leave to ferment.
Wyrabiać risen dough again about 1 minute.
The dough again to form a ball, which rozpłaszczyć wheel forming by stretching the dough to a thickness satisfying us.
Zlepić edges so filling we are not leaked.
Arrange the dough on a round fat posmarowanej sheet and set aside the dough for 10 minutes to take a little odpoczęło.

Then sprinkle the dough with olive oil and lay on the anchovy then sprinkle with chopped garlic and marjoram.
Drizzle with more olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Insert into oven heated to 230 degrees and bake about 12-15 minutes.

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