Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

Everything started as usual. In the morning I got up to school, then I had a seizure at school and, of course, at the end I came to the house. On Saturday I met up with her friends. Cause we decided spirits. All three, we were excited. Finally, something to light. They were all terrified. But the light will soon be included. So there was reason to fear. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, all three at 2:00 AM. We were very worried. The next night przydażyło the same thing. And so for 5 nights. The school about it. Finally, something terrible happened to the cabinet to reveal a piercing flash. The following Saturday we met up again with my colleague. she told me that it was very afraid of your wardrobe because it can be heard screaming and did not appear. Closed it in the closet. And as we saw it is open Martyn (because that was her name) poczochraną with black eyes like coals. We were all terrified ......;/