Zad. 1
Complete the questions with the correct form of the verb.
1 Have you ever:
a (break)_______a part of your body?
b (have)_______an accident at home?
c (be)______ in hospital as a patient?
2 When/How _____(it/happen)l
Complete the dialogue with the appropriate words from Exercise 7. Listen to check.
DOCTOR: Come in please. Take a seat. Name piease? SEAN: Sean McDougal.
DOCTOR: Nów, what seems to be the problem, Sean? SEAN: l don't feel too well.
DOCTOR: l see, what1__________do you have?
SEAN: l have a terrible cough and a headache.
DOCTOR: Have you taken your2__________?
SEAN: Yes, the thermometer reads 40 degrees,
DOCTOR: lt's pretty high. l need to3__________you nów. Take off your shirt. Breathe in deeply. Nów breathe out. Open your mouth and say 'Aaaa'.
SEAN: Aaaa. Is it serious,4__________?
DOCTOR: Don't worry, you'll be fine. lt's just a smali infection. Just take one tablespoon of this cough medicine three times a day after a meal. Here, take
thiss__________to the chemist. Come and see
me again next week, OK?
Zad. 3
Complete the sentences with the verbs in the Past Simple. Then put the sentences in chronological order to make a story.
fali get make operate send suffer

After the operation, Tom1_____
He2_________from chest pain.
The doctor 3_ treatment. One day Tom
. him to hospital for
on Tom.
In hospital doctors 5_____
He 6_________an appointment with his doctor.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
a. broke
b. had
c. were
2. When it happened.
zadanie 2.
1. nie wiem
2. temperature
3. explore
4. nie wiem
5. prescription

zadanie 3.
1. recovered
2. had
6. went

jest dziwnie zeskanowane i nie wiadomo o co chodzi. potrzebne były wyrazy z zadania siódmego a poza tym ostatnie zadanie to jedna wielka sieka zadania są pomieszane i nie wiadomo o co chodzi. co moglam to uzupelnilam :)
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