->Present perfect
1 Tomorrow, i'll eat a sandwich.
2 Next Friday, We will go to the swimming pool
3 Today at 7, I'll go away from home :D
4 In future I will be a doctor
5 In future i will be teaching children

->forma be going to
1 I'm going to buy a new computer
2 We're going to married
3 He is going to be the best student
4 In future She is going to be nurse
5 I'm going to read the book
Debbie has just moved into a new house.
They have been teachers since 1987.
The chocolate cake he has made is on the table.
Bob has put on weight.
I have been here in Berlin for the last sex weeks.

I'm going to spend next summer sailing around the world.
The sky is very cloudy. It's going to rain tonight.
We are going to have a party tonight.
Are you going to buy a car?
I was going to buy a car, but it was too expensive.