Do kazdego pytania trzeba odpowiedz ok. dwoma zdaniami i to tak zeby wszytskie (ok.8) zdania byly ze soba powiazanie...takie krotkie wypracowanie ;)) Na dzis...

a to pytania:
1.what types of houses do Polish families usually live in?
2.do Polish families prefer to live in cities or in the country?Why?
3.How many rooms are there in a typical Polish house?
4.who does what type of housework in a typical Polich family?



1. Polish families usually live in detached house .
2. Polish families prefer to live in cities because they have got near to work.
3. In a typical Polish house There are 3 rooms, bathroom and kitchen.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Typicall polish family live in flats or sometimes in a little houses with a small garden. In this time people don't have money for a big houses or something like this. In my opinion, polish family prefer to live in cities, because there is more job's places and their children don't have far to their schools. But on the other hand people like escape to the country, because there is queit and enviroment is clear.. They can rest.
In typical polish flats are two or three rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes we can see four or five rooms in the flat, but it's rarely.
In polish family more housework does a women. She cooks, tidies, washes etc. But as we can see, sometimes man does this things, but then woman usually works and earns a money for family.
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