Ułóż po jednym znaniu z każdym wyrażeniem lub wyrazem:
1. vegetables
2. slices
3. bake bread
4. sour
5. vitamins
6. side salad
7. bowl
8. loaf
9. celebrate
10. frying pan
11. diet
12. vegetariam
13. carton
14. spicy
15. left over
16. wasv sterving
17. mineral water
18. need
19. planty of
20. delicious
21. main course
22. special occasion
23. fruit salad
24. healthy diet
25. roast chicken
26. cornar shop
27. chees sandwitch
28. sesame seed balls
29. street parades



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I love eating vegetables.
for breakfast I eat large slices of cheese.
Do you like eating bake bread?
I do not like sour foods.
Vitamins are substances that needs your body to grow and develop normally.
Side salad is usually served in a small bowl or salad plate.
Always I eat soup in bowl.
Two loaves of bread, please.
Celebrated "much-talked-about" is from 1665.
Sometimes I prepare food on frying pan.
The diet libs is a libs that is optimized for small size.
Semi-vegetarian diets primarily consist of vegetarian meals.
I drink juice from carton.
I love spicy food.
The Leftovers is a road trip adventure about people who trash eat.
It was never in my plan, but she was starving.
Mineral water is containing water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value.
I need computer to make food.
Season well, using plenty of freshly ground black.
I love delicious biscuits.
On main course I prefer chicken.
I drink some wine on special occasion.
On supper I always eat fruit salad.
A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve health.
Find delicious poultry recipes, like my favorite simple roast chicken.
The Corner Shop boutiques are the premier multi-brand fashion retailers in Australia.
A cheese sandwich is a basic sandwich.
Fry the sesame seed balls in 360 degree F oil about 4-6 at a time.
The Street Parade is the second most attended techno parade in Europe.