You are describing a day when something frightening, amazing or embarrassing happened to you. Write what you say.
Remember to:
- say when the story happened, how you felt
- use linking words, next, after that, finally
- use the Past Continous to say whot you were doing at the time.

Wystarczy jakieś 6-7 zdań.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was normal Saturday. I was playing computer all the day. In the evening i started to cleaning my home. I was washing the dishes when i suddenly heard gunshot. Next i heard shouting outside so i quickly run to window. I didn't see anything because it was dark. I was looking for something unusual long time. Suddenly i heard gunshot again and after that someone shouted: POLICE! Five minuts later police arrived and turn on light in the lamp on the street. I saw man. Police quickly surrounded him and they arrested him. I was very scared that evening because i thought someone may get into my house and kill me !
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