Among the native peoples of Canada are the Creeks, Mohawks, Haida, Iroquois and Sioux. There is als a big population of the Inuits in the north of the country.
The first immigrants from Europe Arrived in Canada in the 15th century. They were mainly from England and France, so now people speak English and French i Canada.
Canada is a huge country. It is bigger than India, China or the USA, but it has a smaller population than these countries because forests cover most of it. Not many Canadians enjoy having their summer holidays there. Some people have summer house near lakes and rivers. Others enjoy camping in the National Parks. There are thirty - nine National Parks in Canada.
Canadian winters are long and very cold so there are lots of winter sports. The most popular ale skating and ice hockey. Many families put water on their gardens so it freezes and then they have own ice rink!

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