I am living in a big house, however in my opinion it is really beautiful, it is just admirible. It have got five bedrooms, a livingroom as also one big bathroom and a kitchen. Bedrooms have just got enough place a beds, a desk as well as a wardrobe, a livingroom is a perfect place to rest or have a nice time with a family. It got a television a masive table with eight chairs around it, we have got a music player in their as well and a huge sofa. I am always having a great time in my livingroom, no matter what I am doing in there. My bath room is joined with toilet however there's a lot of space, there's is a bath, a toilet and even a shower so I can choose if I prefer a quick shower or a nice and warm bath when I can rest. The kitchen is not that big, however it is a big enough for my family. We have got lots of cupboards, as the general stuff as well.
Mój dom jest mały . Dom ma pięć małych pomieszczeń . Jedno z nich to łazienka drugie to kuchnia . Koło kuchni jest mój pokój na przeciwko jest sypialnia rodziców a koło łazienki jest pokój gościnny .

My house is small. House has five small accommodation. One of they it it bathroom second (other) kitchen. Circle of kitchen is on against my chamber (peace) be bedroom father (parents) but circle of bathroom is hospitable chamber (peace).
Mój dom jest duży. Znajduje się w nim: kuchnia, toaleta, moj pokój i moich braci, pokój mojego Taty, pokój gościnny i sypialnia moich rodziców. Przed moim domem jest średniej wielkości ogródek kawiarniany. Mieszkają w moim domu moi rodzice, ja, moi bracia oraz 2 koty. Bardzo lubię ten dom i przez najbliższy czas nie zamierzam się przeprowadzać.

My the house is big. He holds: kitchen, toilet, moj the room and my brothers, the room of my Dad, the guest room and the bedroom of my parents. In front of my house a medium-sized tea garden is. Live in my house my parents, I and my brothers and 2 cats. very much I like this house and in the nearest time I am not going to move.
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