Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Moim wymyślonym stworem będzie robak który jest mały ale sprytny. Ma duże oczy i mały dziób. Wygląda strasznie ale tak na prawdę jest bardzo przyjazny. Mysl , że każdy by chciał mieć takiego robaka. To jest mój ulubiony robak.

My imaginary creature is a worm which is a small but clever. It has large eyes and small nose. It looks awful but it really is very friendly. I think everyone would want to have such a worm. This is my favorite worm.

PROsZĘ bardzo o NAJ :) :D
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In 2007, I went on Christmas holiday with my parents and with my sister Natalia. We stayed in a little house of my aunt in the middle of countryside. Ohh... It was a great Christmas holiday.
On the third day we had a strange adventure. We were driving home from the wood. It was getting dark, foggy, snowy and we were all singing carols. Suddenly, my dad stopped the car. When we looked out of the window we saw a strange white snowy creature in the road in front of us. It was big and it was having a very very big feet. We were very suprised and scared. My dad decided to get out of the car. We all shouted "stop!" but he didn't listen. I started to cry. He was opening the car door when the white creature started to make a noise and approached our car. My dad quickly got into the car. Then it suddenly ran away to the forest. Uff... It disappeared. We went back to the hose and phoned the forester. He didn't belive us. In the end my mom thought it was probably a joke. I don't agree - I think it was a yeti.

;) myslę że pomogłam ;)
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