Present simple

Ułóż zdania/pytania/przeczenia z podanych wyrazów pamiętając o wszystkich regułach:
1.teachers/smoke/not/our/at school
2.we/cinema/on Friday/usually/go
3. David/horse/?/ride school/play/every day/?
5. Kate/tomatoes/like/not
6. you/?/lunch/usually/have/at 1:30
7. Mary/baseball/like
8.wash/Peter/every morning/his face
9.every day/watch TV/Peter.
12.friends/my/near/live/not/my house
13.Alice/Mike/and/to work/walk/always
14.Jack/home/at 8:00/live
15.Alice/Mike/in the evening/relax/every day.
17.Juan/Carmen/and/live/?/in Madrid
18.every evening/Harry/?/watch TV school/usually/by bus/go/I
20.snow/never/it/in Egypt
21/live/Sam/that house/in
22.early/Carol/get up/every day
23.Jim/Helen/and/go/often/to the theatre the shower/sing
25Tina/the bus/sometimes/miss/to school



1. Our teacher not smoke at school.
2. On friday we usually go to the cinema.
3. Did David ride horse?
4. Do you play football after school every day?
5. Katie don't like tomatoes.
6. Do you usually have lunch at 1:30?
7. Mary like baseball.
8. Peter wash every morning his face.
9. Peter watch Tv everyday.
10. Katie don't eat often fruit.
11. Does we have today homework?
12. My friends live not near my house.
13. Alice and Mike always walk to work.
14. Jack live home at 8.00
15. Alex and Mike relax in the evening everyday.
16. Jack wear not uniform at school.
17. Does Juan and Carmen live in Madrit?
18. Does Harry watch Tv every evening?
19. I usually go by bus to school/
20. In Egypt never it snow.
21. Sam live in that house.
22. Carol get up early every day.
23. Jim and Helen go often to the theatre/
24. Did you often sing in the shower?
25. Tina sometimes miss the bus to school.
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