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After months of waiting, and translating of release, the focus was completely on the film series (literary of the Harry Potter saga comes to an end), the great American box office success of the first day of the sixth film showing a young - because a little longer - the wizard seems to be quite natural.But even more it seems obvious after watching the movie .... Because "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is simply a good film. Well done, with a good script, funny and touching, full of (literally) movie magic. I admit - it was a big surprise for me.Especially since he directed by David Yates - the same man who was responsible for the previous "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." When officially announced that the director has already left the series to end the dispute, I felt disappointed. "Order of the Phoenix" was by far the weakest film of the series - not quite that rigid, not to say the wooden and devoid of coherent climate, yet the script is so weird who may choose the parts of the original book, that almost incomprehensible without reading the original. And this time the sky is better."Half-Blood Prince" is a film as the most coherent and fully unified. Perhaps this is due to introduced for the first time series in such an amount of humor in the dialogues. Humor stemming largely from growing up characters, especially the emotional (in the end we are dealing with sextinth) and their emotional problems.It would seem that it was very slushy terrain, which has already fallen dozens of writers and filmmakers are not reliably able to present dilemmas teenagers. Meanwhile Yatesowi (and screenwriter) was able to tell it not enough that it still reliably funny.Also well reviewed - is increasingly growing up - the young actors. The three main characters, their mutual relations and interactions are the backbone of the story, which was built at the end of this not short (over 2.5 hours) Story. It is impossible not to notice it the rest of the cast - alongside regulars (Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Maggie Smith and) well-developed form of psychopathic Bellatrix perfectly played by Helena Botham Carter and the 'Porter' actor joins the family this time (and in great style) Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent in the role of the sympathetic, though defects Professor Slughorn.Admiration and flattery, which does not spare "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" should not obscure one. Despite wartkości shares of the movie and much better craftsmanship than before we have to do again (as in "Order of the Phoenix" and earlier in "Goblet of Fire"), you only brykiem, which extract important scenes and twists and turns of the original book.This is evident even after the thread title "Half-Blood Prince", which was in the movie very much cut, it takes only a few minutes and did not appear to be worthy of so honorable mention as a title. Those who read the Potter saga to realize that even the best 2.5-hour film will merely Kadlubek this story. Stories, which in volume to volume thickens and lengthens - just look on the shelf, where each succeeding volume of JK Rowling takes more space. So if you enjoy this story - Take advantage of the book is really worth.And I - already much quieter - I look forward to screening the last volume. Since the "Half-Blood Prince" Yates has demonstrated that climate, however, can give a coherent saga and the "magical" movie, it's interesting what I do, when to tell the last (big fat) volume saga gets twice as much time - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "decided to split into two feature-length films. The first premiere at the end of next year.