Biografia Rowana Sebastiana Atkinsona czyli Jasia Fasoli:

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born in 6th January 1955 in Consett, United Kingdom of Great Britain. His father owned a farm where he grew up with two older brother - Rodney and Rupert. He didn`t speak a letter "B". Specialist tried to help your but he can`t to help your. He liked a cars when he was teenager. He studied in Newcastle University and Oxford University. During studies he also was a beginner actor and a beginner comic. After studies he started to be a professional comic and a comedy actor. He is famous for to act Mr Bean. He only appeared in comedy. He appeared in a lot of films - Rat Race, Johnny English, Mr Bean`s holiday. He bought a lot of sporting cars but he can`t drive thier cars because he can only drive trucks. He have wife and two children.
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