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Proper metabolism, clean water, greater resistance to infection, impeccable circulation, mental and physical life until old age, are inextricably linked with the rational nutrition. It should be noted that "reasonable" does not mean "dull" and "monotonous." Raw is not only healthy but also tasty and varied, which may satisfy najwytworniejszych experts.

The basis of healthy eating behavior is a balance between individual components of the diet. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Sugars should be avoided and animal fats, carbohydrates and protein should be consumed in the proportions 2: 1, significantly reduced intake of salt, to pay attention to eating more fiber, eat most of the raw products, cooking because when certain substances are exchanges or destroyed. Diet based on the principles of healthy eating provides the body with all the elements of energy, vitamins and minerals which are essential in vital processes. The composition of healthy food is not dull the contrary: it contains multiple, high value-added food products.
The most important place among the healthy food is grain and pulses. They contain a wealth of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (especially B group), minerals and fiber. Many of them can be germinated, then eat. The sprouts, new vitamins, especially vitamin C. Until recently, many of the groups of healthy foods is not gained the recognition. Due to the high carbohydrate content, they were regarded as the source and cause of overweight.
liczę na najlepszą dostałam za to 6 to bd to dobrze ;))
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