Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Going to :

I'm going to be a doctor.
I'm going to have happy friend.
I'm going to study Match.
I'm going to have one children.
I'm going to buy a new house.

Present Countionus :

I'm playing football.
I'm talking on the phone.
I'm saying row.
I'm cleaning my room.
I'm doing cake.
2 5 2
Present Continous
1. She is eating lunch.
2. We are watching TV.
3. He is studing.
4. She is walking the dog.
5. I am listening to music.

,, be going to "
1.She is going to buy some sweets.
2. We are going to visit our grandmother.
3. They are going to tidy a room.
4. He is going to buy a radio.
5.She is going to watch a film.
1 4 1
1. I am visiting my dentist tommorow.
2. Are you using the phone at the moment?
3. I am going with Ola.
4. Paula is having a good holiday.
5. English is more interesting than maths.
teraz be going to
1. I am going to go to university. I are passed all my exasm.
2. We are going to see a film tonight. We are booked our seats already.
3. I am going to the sports centre at ten o' colck.
4. Patryk isn't going to raise a lot of money for charity.
5. We are going to save some of this money for our holiday.

poprosze o najlepsze .! :):)
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