One time when I was a little girl I dreamed about meeting a strange architect. The old, grey-haired man showed me amazing buildings of faboluus, beautiful shape. Man of my dream was A. Gaudi, famous spanish architect. Since childhood I was interested in different cultures and customs, particulary in Spanish culture. At home I had a lot of books on this subject, my mother bought me an album with spanish artists, I went to the flamenco show, but I couldn't ever see a dance of real spanish people, or architecture which I saw in the ilustracions of the book. I promised myself that when I'm adult I will go there to see all these beutiful places. Trip to Spain would cost a lot of money, and in nineties foreign journeys were very expensive. On one evening winter I fell illl with flu (tak od razu, jeden wieczór i już chora? Dosyć szybko, ale... wsio jest możliwe ^^). When I lain in bed, I was dreaming about warm, coastal sand and palm groves. One day, when my mother came from work, she said, that she organized a trip for employees and their families of the uniwersity where she was working. I was delighted a few weeks before leaving (hee?), I couldn't believe it's true. When I crossed the border of Spain I was the happiest girl in the whole world. My dream came true. Mam nadzieję ze sie podoba:) ja też mam to samo zrobić