Choose one of the situactions and think of reasons for what happened. Then write email to apologise.
*You went out with friends, but you were in a bad mood and you went home early.
*You couldn't go to football practise on Saturday afternoon.
*You borrowed your friend's CD player and you lost it.
Remember to:
*say you are sorry about what happened.
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*give the reasons, using linkers.
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Dear Sue

How are you?? I hope that you and your family OK. I'm writing to you becouse I lost your CD player, who you lent me yesterday.
I think that I lost it in supermarket when I was pay. In my opinion it has fallen out (has should) from bag me when I extracted briefcase. I'm sory !! I promise that I will buy you new it and better.

Bye for now.

Love XYZ
Hi, Amy.
I've got a problem. Do you remember thac CD, which you've lend to me? I have lost it. I don't know what happened with it. I am very sorry. But it is somewhere in home i think, so it's not really lost.
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