13-year-old from the Czech Republic Zaolzie already conquered, and now wants to enter the Polish market. The young Pole is already one thousand Czech teen idol.
Is only 13 years old and is already one thousand teenage idol. "Revelation of the Czech music scene" - this is the Eve of the Wędryni Zaolzie write the media on the Vltava river. Gave dozens of interviews, it was even on the cover and rozkładówce "Bravo Girl." And yet it is still modest and somewhat embarrassing. Totally does not resemble a star.
We meet in the Polish school, after lessons. Ewa Farna, dressed in sport, in klapkach on his feet, packed into a rucksack books and notebooks. There is no makeup or extravagant hairstyles. When he smiles, his teeth shining in braces. - I am a simple girl - a beautiful Polish language convinces 13-latka.Ewa parish
He comes from a Polish family. He is fluent in two languages.

He lives a few kilometers from the Polish border. Has two siblings - 10-month-old sister, Magdalena, 11-year-old brother Adam. He enjoys skiing and photography. Listens to Pink and Kelly Clarkson. She teaches at the Polish primary school. Is in eighth grade. A year and go to school, most likely in the Czech Polish Cieszyn. And then the studio. It may also in Poland? That still does not know.
For now, Eve follows in the footsteps of another zaolzianki, Halina mills, a few years ago made a stunning career in Poland, together with Brathankami. Parish for the time being it is more commonly known in the Czech Republic, but soon this may change. In May we will be at the plate. Well, maybe 13-year-old will be the new lead vocalist of a Virgin. Can take the place of eccentric Dody, who left the band with a bang several weeks ago?

Nie wiem czy o to chodziło?
i czy może być taka odpowiedz?

jak coś to pisz.

The Eve Farna is the excellent singer. She recorded a lot of nice songs and video clips. I like the song the most,, Silently". I think that her work is very nice and very interesting.

Ja zawsze z tego korzystam ewentualnie poprawiam błędy ;D
A jak nie umiesz to popros kogos z klasy żeby zobaczył prace ;)