It is see animals on camp in forest be Hay great.Today and different trees. Dinner former soup, but fruits on dessert. We played in 2 too badge.Mam and I be glad very. It for house soon arrive tell more. It for seeing.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

On florida we got really nice sunny weather! I'm so happy that i come here on this holidays.Don't think that i don't miss you! becouse i really miss! Mum,you always do the best food in the world! But here we got a lot of fast-foods,and pizza-hat's! i know that you don't like when i eat this nasty stuff,but this is really good! I will be fat,i know! So my tutor is really funny gay! ok so, every moarning we eat a [nasty stuff ;p] breakfast and we going on beach. At the night we go to partys! And some times we are visit nice places. Mum, i really like this place! Can i stay here? Pleasee!

Oh, I love you dude!
kiss,kiss Cornelia
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Hallo ! There is on camp great very. I am in tent with (from) Kasią and Ewą, yesterday we were in water park and we played excellently. Weather is very pretty (beautiful) be sunny. Museum of forestry tomorrow ride tour. I love you !!!

tyle wystarczy?
myślę że jest dobrze :P
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