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dimension - rozmiar
height - wzrost
depht = głębokość
width - szerokość
size - rozmiar



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Crakow is a provincial town, the great scientific and cultural center. In Krakow is 12 higher education institutions, among them the oldest in Poland, Jagiellonian University, 6 theater, opera, philharmonic orchestra and many museums. There is also the largest and most valuable team in the country historic buildings, mainly gothic, religious and laity. Crakow is a large industrial center. There is also a metallurgical plant in Nowa Huta, the second-largest industrial plant in the country.
In VIII / IX in the village at the foot of commercial property to the Wawel castle. From the seat of the bishopric in 1000, from the reign of Casimir the Restorer (ca. 1038) by the end of XVI in the capital of the state. In 1257 a town from the 1320 coronation of kings. In the XIV-XVI, the largest city in terms of booming economic and cultural life (1364 assume a university). After cutting II (1793) attached to Austria, since 1809 within the limits of the Duchy of Warsaw. 2 In the middle of the nineteenth in the outbreak of the Polish culture, science and art (Young Poland).
Crakow, is one of the most important cultural centers in Poland for many people traditionally regarded as the cultural capital of the country. It is also one of the important centers of tourism, cultural and historic in Europe. Area of the historic Old Town was added to the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Visited annually for three to four million tourists.
In Crakow, there are many cultural institutions have important implications for the cultural life in Poland.
The biggest attraction of Krakow is Wawel, a hill on which the two key sights: The Royal Castle and Cathedral Wawelska. Royal Castle is undoubtedly the most famous castle occurring in Poland. It is a monument to the Renaissance. Department Wawelski, however, is the largest renaissance church in Poland.
Wawel Royal Castle is situated in a picturesque area and Krakow. Wawel Royal Castle is one of the most beautiful monuments not only of Krakow, but also the entire country. In the past, one of the famous residence of Polish kings. The oldest buildings created in the XI century, during the reign of Boleslaw Chrobrego. Then the Renaissance style building but was already during the reign of Sigismund the Old. Around the Wawel Castle, the entrance to the castle extends mysterious and vast courtyard. While in its interior certainly feel whiff of the past.
When visiting the most important religious monuments of Krakow best start from St Mariacki Church. This beautiful Gothic basilica is located at Mariacki Place directly adjacent to Market Square.
Crakow is full of beautiful religious monuments. Is located there, many churches and chapels, which are our national heritage. One such place is located on the wall. Stolarskiej 12 Gothic Basilica of the Holy Trinity.
Cracow is, of course, also innumerable houses and many other beautiful monuments, which are worth seeing.

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