The True Friend

Anciently lived to himself the man whose knew all neighbouring inhabitants-one called him a just old man, other a good man, and still other to raw in their own conduct, other feared him.
People in different troubles and matters they asked him for the advice for example what have to make-whether to enlarge a fortune, other as to use savings, and still other as well and wisely to bring up children.
He knew and knew which to give glad and to show the good way.
He knew about all all, but nobody knew nothing about him, with what sees about what does and where lives.
He led the lonely life- they called him Grey-bearded.
One day Grey-bearded going with the way, noticed the boy sitting on the stone which wept.
He approached so to him and asked why weeps-Grey-bearded knew that the boy originated from the very poor family.
The boy said to him that had on the name Janek and fears to return home, because earned money at the farmer on medicines for ill Father, and how returned this it lost Grey-bearded after hearing of this history long reflected, then said so that it worry and that will accompany Janek home.
Returning they spoke about the disease of Father and assembled different herbs.
after the coming home Grey-bearded Janet made the decoction from herbs and gave to drinking to ill Father, ordered this to give still by several days.
Father of Janek felt better and better.
Grey-bearded leaving arranged with Janek on the meeting local where they became acquainted.
Grey-bearded said to Janek that it was the smart and good boy, Janek acknowledged Grey-bearded for his own friend, to him
this speaking very thanked for the help.
One can have many friends, but true becomes acquainted down at heel. MAM NADZIEJE ŻE POMOGŁEM :D