Odpowiedz pelnymi zdaniami po angielsku .

a) How often do you stay at a friend ' s house ?
b) Do you usually hang out with friends ?
c) How often do you go for walks or bike rides?
d) Do you usually have a lie-in ? What time do you get up ?
e) Do yougo out with your boyfriend or girlfriend ?
f) Do you like eating out ? Where do you usually go ?
g) What is your favourite weekend activity ?



A) I sometimes stay at a friend's house .
b) I never hang out with friends .
c) I often ride a bike .
d) I sometimes have a lie . I get up at seven o'clock .
e) I often go out with my boy friend .
f) I don't like eating out . I usually go to the school .
g) My favourite weekend activity is ride a rollerblades .
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I usually stay no longer than 2 hours.
2.Yes , I hang out with friends often !
3.I go 2 or 3 times a week if the weather is nice.
4.No , I don`t have lie-in`s !
5.Yes ofcourse I go out with my girlfriend its important !
6.Yes I like eating out , when I eat out I usually get chineese food .
7. My favourite weekend activity is horse riding and swimming.
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