Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Załóżmy, że ty nazywasz się Ewa, koleżanka Tracey.

-Hi, Ewa. I'm at the station. How far is it to the cafe/Brighton?
-It's not far. How are you coming?
-On foot.
- It's about twenty minutes on foot, or seven minutes by bus.
-In that case, I'm coming by bus.
- Good. I'm at the cafe/Brighton and I'm waiting for you.
- Bye!
- See you!

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-Hi, Ewa. I'm at the Park Road. How can I get to the Brighton?
-Hello! Tracey, go along Park Road. Take the secod road on the right . That's University Street. I'm waiting for you in front of building.
-Ok. How far is it to the University Street?
-It's about five/ten minutes on foot/by car /by bus.
-Fine. Thanks. See you!