Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: I have got some difficult questions for you to answer.
B: Ok, I’m waiting.
A: What did Charles Dickens do?
B: That’s easy, he was an author.
A: Next question, where was he born?
B: He was born in England?
A: And when was he born?
B: He was born in 1812.
A: Did he have siblings?
B: Yes, he had five siblings.
A: When did he get married?
B: He got married in 1836.
A: And who did he marry?
B: He married Catherine Hoghart.
A: How many children did he have?
B: He had nine children.
A: Wow, that’s a lot. The last question, when did he die?
B: He died in 1870.
A: Thanks for all your answers.
B: You’re welcome.