3. Write a letter in 120-140 words using the task in Exrecises 1 and the advertisement and notes below

Pedro Eneriques in concert
Limited dates available:
Saturday 4th, Saturday 11th
Saturday 18th ONLY!
Tickets pricesL £20 and £50
Contact the box on 01273 223890

Which date?
Which price tickets?
Invite anyone else?

You are interested in going to the concert advertisment. You know that your friend would like to come to the concert with you but there are some detalies you're non sure about. You need to write a letter to your friend to check the detalies(in the notes below).

Lola Kennedy in concert
Limited dates available:
Thursday 14th
Friday 15th
Saturday 16th ONLY!
Ticket prices:
£15,£25, £35
Conteact to office box

Which date?
Which price tickets?
Stay the night with me?

W załączniku zdjęcie strony.



Hi Pedro!
Can you go to the concert with me? The Blackers plays at 4th saturday in London and at 11th and 18th saturday in Liverpool

The prize of ticket is from 20Ł for kids from 50Ł for people after 18.

You can call the contact box : 01273 223890

I thing we can go at 11th saturday, we will pay 50 Ł. Maybe your girlfriend goes with us?


Hi Mark. Im interested to going to the concert advertisment. I know you like Lola Kennedy concert. Will you go with me? I have transport, my father rent me a car. Her concert are on 14th thursday and 15th friday, and Saturday 16th. I think we can go on saturday, becouse tickets are chippest. We will pay only 15 Ł for concert!

When you have come questions call the concert office box:

Will you stay at night with me? I hope your parents let you go.

Sam pisałem licze na naj. ;]