My childhood memory - Moje wspomnienie z dzieciństwa
Opisac jakies jedno wspomnienie któe nam utkwiło w pamięci na około 100 słów ( nie może byc mniej niz 90).
Taka notatka z pamiętnika jakby..
Daje najlepsze.. i to pilnee ! ;((



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What stuck most in my memory as a child. It was a nice few years ago. Were holiday of which are to be enjoyed. I got an invitation to his cousin in the country. Without a thought, and immediately adopted a proposal I took up their sales in the packaging.The next morning I set off on announcing a great holiday. After a few hours I reached the place. Cousin greeted me with warmth. I prepared a very delicious lunch that I ate without thinking After dinner we went for a little walk through meadows covered with flowers.We talked about our plans for the future and about what we do in the future. After returning from a successful walk we decided that we go to the nearby lake a little swim. Costumes and fast zmieniłyśmy .We ran with smiles on their faces.Once we were on the beach their towels on the sand, and as soon as possible water. We are swimmed until a certain moment I saw blood on the water. I saw is what happened. Cut her finger in half a tin of which lay in the water.Quickly left the water My cousin ran for help. My doctor assured my Uncle who is injured. For several days I could not walk. great care had recovered so quickly .. This is one of drastic sales in which he suffered in childhood, and that stuck in my memory.