Kolega z Anglii zaprosił cię na wspólną wyprawę do Francji niestety nie możesz wziąć udziału ze względów finansowych:
-podziękujesz za propozycję wspólnego wyjazdu i grzecznie odmówisz
-podaj dwa powody przez które nie możesz wziąć udziału
-zaproponujesz mu przyjazd do polski i zasugerujesz mu termin
-opiszesz dwa wybrane miejsca które możesz odwiedzić
( ma to byc list po angielsku)



To ma byc list tak??

Dear friend.

Great to hear from you. And thanks very much for the invitation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it. I dont have a money for this trip and my grandparents are coming to visit me. Maybe you can come to me in next week? We can go .... to see ... or ... . Tutaj wymysl sobie jakies miejsca i co mozna zobaczyc.
Hope you can make it.


PS You have to bring your food :P
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear ...
Thanks for your invitation. I'd really like to visit France but i haven't got money enough :( You know that mum and dad don't earn so much so i the can't let me to go there. I'm really sad about this because France is country which i'd visit the most. And we are too young for this journey so maybe in future when we will have more money will see this country. It was be fantastic. But now maybe would you like to spend holiday in Poland ? It is not expensive and my country is beautifull too. I will show you "Pałac Kultury i Nauki" in Warsaw and maybe we will go to Cracov and i'll show you "Wawel" there ?? I hope that you agree this idea and we will have a great time. You can come to us on 25th July and stay in our house to 1st June ? I'll be glad of this. Im waiting for rewrite.
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