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I always would like to live in Italy. Because it’s a really beautiful country. Italy is situated in the south of Europe. This country is over Mediterranean. One of the reason why I would like to live in Italy is Climate, because it is very warm water in the summer. Traditional Italian kitchen offers big choice of dish and Italian wines .I love Italian food. Italian culture is very curious and I would like to learn about this culture closer. I would like to visit a lot of interesting places like: Rome, Venice, Florence, Rimini, Siena, Pisa, Milan, Naples, Sorrento or Portofino, volcano Etna and Wezuwiusz. If I lived in Italy I could be work like a travel agent. It is my dream because I’m fascinated this country. Italy is a wonderful country, warm climate and passionate people make it a great place for a live. This country is a wonderful place to spend good time and survive many passionate adventures. I think that life in Italy is fascinating and exciting because my dreams are granted with each day.



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I have always wanted to live in Italy ( popraw to pierwsze zdanie)
If I lived in Italy I could be work like a travel agent. to zdanie jest źle , bo po powinno być will zamiast could. czyli:If I lived in Italy I will be work a travel agent.
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