Proszę o sprawdzenie błędów w liscie dotyczącym pozytywnych i negatywnych aspektów mojego zycia... z góry dziękuję ;)

Dear Anna,

I'm sorry, that I didn`t answer for Your letter, but I didn't have time. There're a lot of changes in my life, a lot of happen, so I don't have enough time for me and my friends.
Although my life is so fast I'm really happy and I feel really good. I know, that I'm very important for some people, so I've to help them all time.
First positive change in my life is job. I'm a secretary. I've worked there for 2 weeks.
It makes me happy and it gives me satisfaction. Next positive new aspect of my life is driving license. I've passed the exam. Although it was seriously hard I did it and I'm very happy.
In next week I'll receive it. Moreover I finished computer test. I wrote about it to You in my last letter.
There're some bad news too. I've to write exams one more time, because I didn't have enough points for my main subject on university. I've a lot of material to learn, in addition it's very difficult. Nextly, in connection to my passed driving license I've bought a car. It was bad decision. Car is in really bad condition. All time I've to repair it, it is very expensive.In conclusion I've to tell You that there is more good news than bad, so all time I'm really happy
I'm so sorry, but it's all for now. Please write to me soon. Write to me about something interesting news in Your life. I'll be very happy if I get letter from You. I'm looking forward to a letter.

Best wishes,



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm sorry, that I didn`t answer for Your letter, but I didn't have time. => twoje zdanie tez jest poprawne, ale bardziej wskazane jest uzycie perfectu :) POd spodem zamieszczam zdanie w perfekcie :)

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but I've been busy.

a reszta wydaje mi sie poprawna :)