Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I had the worst holiday about 4 years ago.
It was very hot July. I planned to stay in home for the whole holiday and do what I really wanted. It was very boring so after a few days I decided to go away with my friend. We had the permission from our parents so we took some important things like waterproof clothing, food, money and so on.
We set off early next day and went along the street towards Cracow.
The journey passed very nice and exciting but after 3 days it became boring. We decided to change the time of marching and going at night.
It was very strange night. The clouds were dark and mysterious but we were walking very firmly in a completely silence.
Suddenly we had heard very loud sound and after that I saw a very bright light. Few seconds later I fainted.
I don’t know what was happening further because I woke up in the wild forest without rucksack and my equipment. I didn’t also know where my friend was so I scared a lot. I recognized that I was tied and I couldn’t move.
Suddenly I saw two wild men who seemed to be savage tribe. They took me to their hamlet. There were many people like shamans and someone like that. One of them had a big scar on his neck. In the center of this hamlet I saw a very big pot. Then I knew what they wanted. I screamed very loud but they gave me an apple to my mouth. After that I could only pray.
I closed my eyes and after that I heard a sound and I saw the light but not bright as earlier.
It was my brother who was holding a torch. I discovered that I was in my room and I thought that he had woken me up because I had been screaming. I told him that everything is ok. After that he went away but in the last second I saw a scar on his neck. I closed my eyes and slept.

It was the worst holiday in my life because I had a lot of nightmares like that so I couldn’t sleep well.