Dylewo, 18.12 2005, the
Dear Martin!
At the beginning of this letter I would like to greet you. I have to offer a good suggestion. Ever wondered where this year will spend the winter holidays? That suggested to me an idea. If przyjechałbyś to Polish, it could be your guide.
Of course, you could choose to rest, but I polecałabym you Krakow. There are many monuments are important for every Pole. One of them is the Wawel Castle - the seat of Polish kings. There are many exhibits from all European countries. When the castle stands the famous Cathedral of Sigismund, which are buried under the great and famous Poles. At the top of one of the towers of the cathedral you can see the Sigismund Bell. You can not be in Krakow and visit the Castle. We must also see the Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Church, Kosciuszko Mound and Dragon's Lair. It is also to come to Krakow market at noon and listen to bugle call. There are many other equally interesting places.
Waiting for your (hopefully positive) response. Please write or what you hear on how long you still deny me your details.

Your sincere friend

P.S. Are you like a gift from Saint. Nicholas? I hope you fell like it.