Do you go to school everyday?
Does she play tennis every saturdays.
Does he walk a dog every mornings?
Do you drink milk everyday?
Does Amanda eat pizza every sundays?
Do they win every competition?
Does Tom, watch TV?
Do you play cheese?
Does she smoke?
Do you like apples?
Do we awys have to be late?
What do you want four your birthday?
Does Mike read books very often?
Do i play computer games everyday?
Does girls like cars?
Does boys like dolls?
Does you dog, like eating carrots?
Do you watch TV.
Does she do her homework everyday?
Does my Mama dont understand me?
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.did you go to school last wednesday?
2.did you go to the cinema last evening
3.where did you go ?
4.who did you go with?
5.what did you do last morning?
6.how did you do homework?
7.did you go to the cafe?
8.did you ride book last nght ?
9.what did you do last saturday?
10.did you need my number telephone ?
11.who did you kiss last valentine"s day?
12. who did you go meet last night?
13.how many book did you read last month?
14.where did you learn 3 years ago
15.did you have some pets
16.did you have some tomatoes
17. did you were in the shop
18. did you have a soap?
19.did you like eat lemon
20.why did you write e-mails?